“Portrait” Limited CD Album (PARADIGMS080)
Edition of 200 copies only in screenprinted gatefold wallet
IN STOCK £9.99 postpaid worldwide.

FILE UNDER : Modern Classical / Minimal Icelandic Composition

‘Portrait’, the new album from Icelandic composer and long-time friend of Paradigms, HALLVARDUR ASGEIRSSON really does capture something special.

A new body of work recorded live at the stunning, isolated Skálholt church in Iceland, ‘Portrait’ features an ambitious quartet of solo violin, contrabass, dorophone and guitar. A bold and beautiful collection of modern classical and minimal Scandinavian composition, written and perfomred by Asgeirsson and trio. The concert in its entirety encompasses his classical flare, which hints at the atonal movement of 20th century composition, interlinked with vast glacial passages of more delicate nature, that lend themselves perfectly as a soundtrack to the location of the recordings themselves.

Presented as an strictly limited edtion of 200 cds only, in screenprinted, heavy board gatefold wallets.

here’s a song from the album: