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Scape of Grace

Hallvarður Ásgeirsson (composer, b.1976) and Saga Sigurðardóttir (dancer, b. 1982) are the core of the collaboration named Scape of Grace. The collaboration mainly involves movement and sound in a space and the integration of them in a wide sense. In this collaboration we want to approach music first and foremost as waves moving in space, and in this way our intention is to explore the conversation between movement and soundwaves, or the influence of one on the other. The conversation becomes tangible in the interpretation of the dancer and the sound source (guitar amplifier). Sound and body are the basic themes in the work but the work is at the same time a stage work and a concert – therefore you can say that the work is “performed” by the dancer and the musician, danced by the dancer and the guitar amp. For example the dancer and the sound source have a physical interaction; the dancer moves the sound source and influences it’s direction and creates a living electro acoustic movement in the space. Likewise the dancer is moved by the sound source, tries to become interwoven with the soundwaves. The loudspeaker is actually a character in the work, a kind of body with a voice. The dancer and the loudspeaker are the performers of the work as well as the musician. More characters are introduced as the work progresses, both living performers and speakers. We are interested in exploring as part of the staging, ideas such as “human”, “physical”, “abstract”.