The Disadvantages of Time Travel

The Disadvantages of Time Travel is a film by Richard Ramchurn. I composed music to the film in the winter 2014-2015. It was premiered in Liverpool in 2015 at FACT HQ as part of The Performing Data Project. The film was shown in a caravan, where audience members received brainscanners to put on their heads. The movie would then change according to the input data from the scanners.

The film premiere at FACT HQ

The film has received favourable reviews and has been covered in the Daily Mail.

Richard had a lecture at TedX about the project.

After a successful UK premier at FACT Liverpool in July 2015 The #Scanners project is still going strong. The research about the film won Best Art Paper at CHI 2016, and further research is being done on plugging several people in at the same time. The Interactive brain controlled film “The Disadvantages of Time Travel” was presented in a vintage caravan, converted into a cinema. The film is suited to auditoriums and theaters. Watch for up coming dates.

Richard also had a TedX talk about the project:

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