The Vardiphone is an instrument co created by Halldor Arnar Ulfarsson and me.

Halldor has been building feedback instruments for a few years, the Vardiphone seeks inspiration in one of the first, Dorophone #1.

We’re using an old guitar I bought in Brooklyn, it’s a copy of a Fender Coronado, probably made in Italy.

The Vardiphone borrows from the Dorophone process of creating sound through controlled feedback.

Originally we used a transducer, this achieved some interesting results, but was not very powerful.

My friend Þráinn liked it very much, he found out he could play the nodes in the body:

Now we have built a 50W speaker into the Vardiphone, I’m sending the sound through all my pedals into a 50W amp and back into the Vardiphone.

A hole had to be cut out into the back of the Vardiphone to place the speaker.

Here’s some pictures from the process.
The Vardiphone includes a 3D printed neckpiece which lifts the neck to sit closer to the strings

Halldór working on the instrument