Before we disappear (2022) Film Score written for prepared piano, guitar and synths for a film by Richard Ramchurn.

The Moment (2018-) Ongoing interactive project, live music performed with interactive cinema. Written and performed by Hallvarður and Scrubber Fox for guitar, electronics and modular synths.

Niður (2017) for Choir SATB performed by Kammerkór Suðurlands

Infernal Oscillation (2016) Clarinet, percussion and cello performed by Caput Ensemble

Blýkufl (2015) for electronics, voices and dancers performed by Icelandic Dance Company

The Disadvantages of Time Travel (2014) for guitar, electronics, violin, trumpet, bassoon and drums. Written for a film by Richard Ramchurn.

Predator(2014) for choir, Varðiphone and electronics performed by an independent dance company.

Scape of Grace (2013) for guitar, electronics, voices and dancers performed by and independent dance company.

Heiðskírt (2010) performed by the Nordic Chamber Soloists

Miniature #1 (2010) performed by Fengjastrútur

Miniature#3 (2010) – for prepared piano, performed by Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir

Miniature #5 (2011) – for prepared piano and dorophone

Vítisvélar (2006)- for 15 musicians

Paradox XII (2008)- solo violin

Repercussions (2008) – LEMURbots, percussion and guitar